We strive to be a different kind of investor

GBV Capital is dedicated to the investment, development, and the creation of blockchain projects to shape our future. We aspire to build projects that effect positive change and advance meaningful solutions.

Blockchain has come a long way since 2008. Our team has weathered multiple cycles and experienced multiple verticals of the industry.  From servicing miners to trading OTC and building global communities, we have developed our experience and honed our strengths, continuing to build steadily and respond quickly to changes in the industry.

To better utilise our knowledge and experience, we have established GBV Capital, an investment arm focused primarily on early-stage projects. By leveraging our network, expertise and range of capabilities, we endeavour to add value and catalyze growth for projects and founders in the space.

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Our unique and extensive background in different aspects of blockchain ecosystems and beyond make us a good partner.
— Leslie, Co-Founder @ GBV
Our Philosophy


To assist and invest in capable teams who are looking to shape our future through meaningful blockchain technology.

Our Edge

We work alongside projects to help them be successful. Our unique and extensive backgrounds in wide-ranging aspects of the blockchain ecosystem make us a good partner. We develop strategic partnerships with projects to help fill in the talent and resource gaps they might have, to help them achieve their full potential.


We believe in people. Blockchain is about constant iteration, community involvement, and hustle. Our experience has shown us that a strong management team is the clearest indicator of success. We like gritty, resilient teams who can move at the pace of innovation that Blockchain demands.

Value Add

We have community, product, and trading experience. We understand end users across geographies, know what they want from products, and can help projects build for communities. Our team enables full stack partnerships with projects. GBV aims to catalyze your business on every conceivable level, with marketing, trading functions, product, and strategy focused team members that can assist where needed.

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