Genesis Block Ventures Invests in Decentralized Cloud Hash Power Trading Protocol HashMix

Full-service investment company Genesis Block Ventures (GBV) announces an investment in HashMix. Genesis Block Ventures would support the development of the decentralized cloud hash power trading platform, to reshape the emerging global cloud hash power market. 

Hash power is and will continue to be the cornerstone of the security of cryptocurrency. However, as the blockchain industry prospers, the hash power sector is more centralized, illiquid than ever before — raising alarms about the viability and security challenges for decentralized networks. 


HashMix is uniquely positioned to address some of the greatest challenges in the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry: distribution inefficiency in global hash power. HashMix innovates in tokenizing hash power to NFTs. It enables hash power to circulate and trade beyond the geographical barriers, with borrowing, lending, swap, and other functionalities. 


With HashMix, traditional hash power for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other blockchains — all can be traded in a fully decentralized way without a trusted third party. HashMix is also implementing hash power lending and swapping protocols, to provide the biggest liquidity for hash power, and open up a new possibility of hash power derivatives. 


At the heart of HashMix’s solution is its native HSM token, the fuel that powers the HashMix ecosystem. Users can deposit their hash power NFTs into HashMix’s AMM pools to provide liquidity and receive HashMix’s native token HSM in return.

HashMix: Decentralized Cloud Hash Power Tokenization

With a mission of building the future through blockchain technology, Genesis Block Ventures has invested in some of the most prominent blockchain startups, making sure that these projects achieve success through strategic partnerships and guidance. Over the years, GBV has added to its portfolio many renowned projects, including Serum, Linear Finance, SuperFarm, Cudos, to name a few. 

What impresses us most about HashMix is their vision to disrupt the traditional, centralized cloud hash power industry. HashMix demonstrates its potential to become the decentralized hash power liquidity incentive layer for the blockchain space, empowering the global hash power ecosystem. 

We firmly give HashMix a vote of confidence for their team’s work in China’s blockchain landscape over the last several years. Their backgrounds bring a successful mix of blockchain and DeFi expertise, as well as product and technology skills, into HashMix to redesign the economic model for global cloud hash power. 

Through the investment, Genesis Block Ventures is excited to participate in the journey to make cloud mining approachable and decentralized again!

About HashMix

HashMix is a decentralized cloud hash power tokenization and circulation protocol with a mission to redistribute the global hash power freely. 


HashMix proposes a tokenization scheme suitable for any hash power and implements a set of universal decentralized cloud hash power trading, lending, and switch protocols through reasonable economic incentive mechanisms, to solve the issues in the current cloud hash power market like has power fraud, lack of functionality, and flexibility, thus allowing the hash power to circulate freely around the world. 

About Genesis Block Ventures

Genesis Block Ventures (GBV) is a full-service investment company closely working with Genesis Block HK, Asia’s leading digital asset over-the-counter (OTC) trading center.  


As a private investment company with a mission of building the future through blockchain technology, Genesis Block Ventures is an active participant in the DeFi revolution, and has grown a thriving network to form an effective ecosystem for all aspects of blockchain, crypto, and DeFi projects. 

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