Genesis Block Ventures Invests in Polkadot-Powered Blockchain Gaming Platform Web3Games

Full-service investment company Genesis Block Ventures (GBV) announces an investment in Polkadot-powered blockchain gaming platform Web3Games. Genesis Block Ventures would accelerate the development of the blockchain gaming platform to bring crypto and blockchain to the next billion users.

Web3Games is a decentralized digital game integration platform developed on Polkadot Substrate, with an aim to provide solutions for improving gaming and ownership of digital assets.


Web3Games is bridging the gap between gaming, NFT and DeFi. By adopting blockchain technology, Web3Games offers frameworks and tools that build a unique ecosystem where players and ‘developers’ curate and take ownership of their gaming experience.


Web3Games expands the applications of NFTs with enhanced interactive features and enables the conversion of gaming assets into blockchain assets. Game developers can use Web3Games contract libraries to issue tokens, NFTs, to sell gaming assets directly to players without incurring fees from third party intermediaries or long transaction times. 


Additionally, with Web3Games’ decentralized facilities such as its proprietary AMM decentralized exchange, users play to earn game asset NFTs that they can lend, hedge, fundraise, or exchange for other game assets, cryptocurrency and NFTs.

Web3Games: Bringing Gaming into the NFT and DeFi World

At Genesis Block Ventures, our mission from day one has been to build the future through blockchain technology. We have invested in some of the most prominent blockchain startups, such as OMG Network, Serum, AstroTools, SuperFarm, Chain Guardians, among others, making sure that these projects achieve success through strategic partnerships and guidance.


The prestigious Polkadot Hackathon Developer Choice Award showcases Web3Games’ drive and potential to build a new generation gaming ecosystem. What excites us more about Web3Games is the future development of its gaming ecosystem to expand into the popular card game and metaverse gaming system. This implies massive opportunities for Web3Games in the global gaming market which generates trillions of dollars in revenue every year.


“Blockchain gaming has been a very exciting area of the crypto space, and GBV has been following the developments closely. Web3Games offers an exciting mix of a Play-to-Earn model, DeFi elements, as well as NFT-based incentives, to turn in-game purchases into essentially asset investments. We are excited to be working with Web3Games to develop a healthier, more rewarding gaming ecosystem!” — Leslie Tam, Genesis Block Ventures Co-Founder and Partner.

About Web3Games

Web3Games is a collective blockchain for new generation gaming and digital assets built on Substrate.


By bridging blockchain technology, NFT and DeFi with virtual gaming, Web3Games offers solutions to build a unique ecosystem where users and developers can curate their own integrated gaming experience.

About Genesis Block Ventures

Genesis Block Ventures (GBV) is a full-service investment company closely working with Genesis Block HK, Asia’s leading digital asset over-the-counter (OTC) trading center. 


As a private investment company with a mission of building the future through blockchain technology, Genesis Block Ventures is an active participant in the DeFi revolution, and has grown a thriving network to form an effective ecosystem for all aspects of blockchain, crypto, and DeFi projects. 

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