Genesis Block Ventures Invests in Smart Liquidity DeFi Platform SingularityDAO

Full-service investment company Genesis Block Ventures (GBV) announces an investment in SingularityDAO. Genesis Block Ventures would accelerate the development of the smart liquidity DeFi platform, to improve the funding and growth situation for early and mid-stage blockchain projects. 


SingularityDAO is a unique Layer-2, non-custodial solution aimed at revolutionizing the altcoin markets. Leveraging DeFi and decentralized AI, SingularityDAO increases the liquidity available to crypto assets of all types and sizes. 

SingularityDAO innovates in offering dynamic token-sets, called DynaSets, consisting of a bundle of utility tokens. Tokens that have limited liquidity on their own become easier to trade when aggregated into DynaSets. Parallel to ETFs in traditional finance, SingularityDAO’s DynaSet feature gives rise to a powerful AI-enabled crypto index to everyday retail investors.


On top of this, SingularityDAO enables yield farming and futures-based hedging token trading features to users. Staking DynaSet tokens into the liquidity pool allows users to farm  LP tokens, which enables holders to earn SingularityDAO’s native SingDAO tokens as rewards. 


As a result, SingularityDAO’s tokenomic system provides an opportunity for individuals and institutions to purchase lower-liquidity altcoins corresponding to exciting technology projects. This will stimulate the growth of the decentralized, utility-token based economy!

SingularityDAO: AI-Driven DeFI ecosystem

With a mission to build the future through blockchain technology, Genesis Block Ventures has invested in some of the most prominent blockchain startups, making sure that these projects achieve success through strategic partnerships and guidance. Over the years, GBV has added to its portfolio many renowned projects, including OMG Network, Serum, Tidal, Alpha, DAOSquare, to name a few. 


“SingularityDAO has the potential to leverage AI technology to address the challenges of low liquidity and price volatility when purchasing small to mid-cap tokens in the DeFi ecosystem. GBV is excited to have participated in the fundraising to support Marcello and the team at SingularityDAO.” — Leslie, co-founder and partner at GBV. 


We firmly give SingularityDAO a vote of confidence for its synergy with SingularityNET. As an independent project incubated by the SingularityNET Foundation, SingularityDAO gains an unique edge with SingularityNET-based AI tools at every level, from predictive financial modelling, risk management, trading, to market-making algorithms operating behind the scene.


SingularityDAO’s AI-powered solution has enormous potential to do for DeFi investment what AI has done for traditional fiat investment. Through the investment, Genesis Block Ventures is excited to participate in the journey to boost the growth of the current altcoin universe!

About SingularityDAO

SingularityDAO is a Layer-2 non-custodial DeFi solution which allows members to manage dynamic token-sets (called DynaSets) consisting of a bundle of utility tokens. These DynaSets are somewhat parallel to ETFs in traditional finance. On top of these token-sets, SingularityDAO enables yield farming and futures-based hedging features.


The core purpose of SingularityDAO is to make it more beneficial and less risky to hold collections of utility tokens that individually have only modest liquidity, opening the flow of capital to innovative projects. 

About Genesis Block Ventures

Genesis Block Ventures (GBV) is a full-service investment company closely working with Genesis Block HK, Asia’s leading digital asset over-the-counter (OTC) trading center.  


As a private investment company with a mission of building the future through blockchain technology, Genesis Block Ventures is an active participant in the DeFi revolution, and has grown a thriving network to form an effective ecosystem for all aspects of blockchain, crypto, and DeFi projects. 

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