Genesis Block Ventures Invests in Solana-Powered Crypto Index Protocol Symmetry Finance

Full-service investment company Genesis Block Ventures (GBV) announces an investment in Symmetry Finance. Genesis Block Ventures would support the development of the Solana-powered decentralized cryptocurrency index protocol to enable global users to create and invest in custom indices.

Built on Solana, Symmetry Finance is a decentralized index protocol that allows anyone to create and invest in custom indices — baskets of tokens with different weights — to diversify the portfolio and maximize passive earnings. 


Symmetry rebalances users’ portfolios automatically to maintain the target asset weights. Additionally, Symmetry’s Index Simulator allows users to backtest the index performance based on historical data before it’s deployed.


Within a short span of time since inception, Symmetry has established strong partnerships with blockchain industry leaders and notable investors, including quantitative trading firm Alameda Research, Coin98 Ventures, Rarestone Capital and ROK Capital, among others.


With a mission of building the future through blockchain technology, Genesis Block Ventures has invested in some of the most prominent blockchain startups, making sure that these projects achieve success through strategic partnerships and guidance. Over the years, GBV has added to its portfolio many renowned projects, including Serum, Bonfida, AstroTools, Alkemi Network, Alpha Finance, Mercurial Finance, Manifold, Dexlab, to name a few. 

Symmetry: Revolutionize Crypto Index Products

What impresses us most about Symmetry Finance is their vision and technological capability to revolutionize index products as well as portfolio management in the crypto and DeFi space.

With its unique design and positioning, Symmetry utilizes Solana’s unprecedented transaction speeds and virtually non-existent fees, to grant exciting new DeFi opportunities to its users. Moving forward, we also look forward to its future of creating a community-driven index creation and investment platform, where anyone can participate and contribute.

“Symmetry Finance couples portfolio management and decentralization with the speed of the Solana blockchain. We are very impressed with the quality and ethos of the Symmetry team and look forward to reshaping the future of finance together!” — Leslie Tam, Genesis Block Ventures’ Co-Founder and Partner.

About Symmetry Finance

Symmetry Finance is a decentralized crypto index protocol on the Solana blockchain that would allow anyone to create and buy custom indices — baskets of tokens with different weights. 


Leveraging Solana’s impressive architecture and technology advantages, Symmetry aims to make the best, community driven index creation and investment platform where anyone can participate and contribute. 

About Genesis Block Ventures

Genesis Block Ventures (GBV) is a full-service investment company closely working with Genesis Block HK, Asia’s leading digital asset over-the-counter (OTC) trading center. 


As a private investment company with a mission of building the future through blockchain, Genesis Block Ventures is an active participant in the DeFi revolution, and has grown a thriving network to form an effective ecosystem for all aspects of blockchain, crypto, and DeFi projects.

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