Memeification: Creating a meme driven culture

“The most powerful person in the world is the storyteller.“

I still remember there was so much emphasis during my post-grad classes on storytelling, particularly the consulting ones!


Consultants often need to deal with many complex real-world cases that involve numbers, analysis, interview recordings, and presentations. They do this as part of the finding process in order to form the final strategic recommendations to solve a particular business problem. Different people communicate differently on specific matters. Thus miscommunication often arises when there is a misalignment of explicit and implicit meaning between the sender and receiver. 


When a group of consultants communicates their thoughts and recommendations to a group of decision-makers. They often need to think about what are the most effective ways to bring the most important message(s) across. To ensure the target audiences have both interest and engagement. Memes must articulate the messages and format into something pretty, engaging, and easy to comprehend.

What Makes A Good Meme?

Does this meme tell you well enough that there is a serious misunderstanding of concept between the client and consultants?


Storyboarding is one of the techniques that helps create an outline, flow, and key messages that will contain in the consulting final deliverable. People often do this at the beginning of the projects to flush out ideas, organize thoughts and align understanding within the team and sometimes between the client and the consulting team.

So how does storyboard or storytelling relates to memes? Meme is a great storytelling tool where it uses graphical content to attract the audience’s attention which often tells some unique stories that only those who have experienced it will truly understand the meaning behind it.


Memes if done right can create a unique culture that promotes meaningfulness around a particular subject or matter, and the culture can be even further crystallized to become a meme-driven organization. The culture of the organization can create a sense of belonging for those people who are within the group and attract people who are outside of the group to become a member.

Memes in crypto

One of the most famous memes in the cryptocurrency industry is #DOGE. The meme keeps growing and has become the dogecoin movement where Elon musk has also shit-posted on DOGE.

When Zeus capital was publicly shorting $LINK back in 2020, LINK marine united together with memes to fight back the FUD. The big short report by Zeus Capital also uses memes to fight back the LINK marine.

Link marine, WAGMI

When the DeFi summer hits in mid-2020, aping culture was on the rise. So we came up with this meme to differentiate degen farmers and virgin farmers. YOLO in:

When BoringDAO enters a strategic partnership with Alpha Finance and supporting liquidity mining on Sushiswap. The creation of this beautiful meme was to celebrate the partnership.

When launched oBTC on the Polygon network:

Memes & Game Theory

Memes can also be super powerful to explain the game theory. The community at OlympusDAO has turned a classic prisoner’s dilemma problem into memes that can be understood in a simpler way with (3,3) diamond hands culture.


Great memes not only form a meaningful culture but also significantly strengthen it in a way that makes you proud of being part of the community and enjoying the journey. Memes are part of our everyday life, these in-jokes between friends, families, or an interest group can often be considered as in-memes (memes that do not become widespread through the internet).


For anyone building projects, I strongly recommend that have a chief meme officer position in order to build that meme culture to support the community growth. Meme is an important element in this game and meme-driven organization is inevitable.


Life is a meme in a way, meme is also a life in a way. When each individual is constantly searching for the purpose of life. Why not try your way into meme-driven life where you can meme for life. 😀


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