What does Moon / Mooning / When Moon mean in Crypto?

What does Moon / Mooning / When Moon mean in Crypto? mean in Crypto? Moon is a term that is often employed as a verb (“mooning”) that means a cryptocurrency’s price is experiencing a spike.

Example: “Elon Musk is taking DOGE to the moon!”


Another common use of the expression is in the phrase “to the moon”, which is an exclamation to use when a cryptocurrency is about to soar significantly in both price and volume, rising off the charts. 


The term also derives a commonly seen question in the crypto community: “when moon?”, asking for the golden time to sell the crypto holding, before its price drops. 


However, the people seemingly overuse the term, as token owners often pop out of their shell at any sign of a price increase. They may get excited about minor bumps in price, and boast that their coin or token is heading “to the moon”, when it is not always matching a significant uptrend. 


Investors should also bear in mind that crypto influencers in the community state that a certain coin or token is about to go “to the moon”, only in an effort to inflate the price for their own gain. 

So now when you hear Moon / Mooning / When Moon you’ll know what it means in Crypto.

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