What does ATH mean in Crypto?

What does ATH mean in Crypto? ATH is short for “All-Time High”, which refers to the highest record price that an asset has ever reached in its history.

Example: Ethereum broke through the $1500 barrier and set a new ATH!


As an example, at the time of writing, the highest ever-record all-time high (ATH) of Bitcoin’s price is $48,025, on 9 February, 2021. That means this was the highest price that Bitcoin ever reached, i.e. the highest price that it was traded for on the market. 


In the 2020 bull run, many cryptocurrencies set new All-Time High records, with Bitcoin surging by 300% and refreshing new ATHs in December of the year. 

Difference in ATHs Among Exchanges

You may also notice that each cryptocurrency exchange has a different ATH value for Bitcoin. When Bitcoin hit the ATH on 9 February, Bitcoin was trading above the mark of $48,025 in some markets. But many consider that Bitcoin’s ATH was approximately $48,025, according to crypto market data providers such as CoinGecko. 


Whenever a cryptocurrency price passes its ATH, things can get crazy. Investors should always do research to ensure that there is reasoning behind the value of the coin or token reaching an ATH.


Having mentioned ATH, the opposite of that is the ATL (“All-Time Low”) which refers to the lowest price point an asset has traded at. Similar to breaking an ATH, breaking an ATL also has similar effects but in the other direction. Without any logical evidence or points or an asset to stop, it can just keep going down. Reaching an ATL creates uncertainty for what the future may behold for the asset.

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