Our Team

Our approach

We believe in teams. Crypto is about constant iteration and being in touch with the community. We believe a strong management team is the clearest indicator of success. We like gritty, resilient teams who can move at the pace of innovation crypto demands. Crypto provides financial empowerment on an individual level. In many ways, blockchain disintermediates the middleman.

Our Vision

GBV Capital is dedicated to investment, development, and the creation of Blockchain and Crypto projects to build our future. We aspire to build projects that affect positive change in the form of solutions that matter.

Our Value Add

Community focused feedback – with community, product and trading experience, we understand end users and what they need in products, across geographies.

Full stack partnerships with projects – We aim to catalyse your business. We have marketing, operations, and trading functions which can work with your businesses to achieve optimal success.

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